• Thunder Series

    Thunder Series

    The Bersa Thunder Series has been designed to deliver pinpoint accuracy and rugged reliability under the toughest conditions.

  • Thunder Combat Series

    Thunder Combat Series

    Take what you love about the Thunder 380, add some exciting twists, and you’ve got the Thunder 380 Combat. A redesigned slide for a lower profile. A rounded trigger guard and smaller beavertail for easier carrying and holstering. Throw in larger slide serrations and ergonomic rubber wrap around grips and you’ve got a perfect day at the range.

  • Thunder Plus Series

    Thunder Plus Series

    The Bersa Thunder Plus has all the great features of the Thunder series firearms and includes a 15 round magazine.

  • Thunder CC Series

    Thunder CC Series

    The ultimate compact .380 D.A. Pistol. This is the perfect .380 D.A. you want for personal protection. It's slim, trim and always ready for immediate action.

  • BP CC Series

    BP CC Series

    The BPCC provides accuracy and fire power in a lightweight, compact, ultra thin handgun.

  • TPR Series

    TPR Series

    Designed for law enforcement, the TPR9 delivers the same rugged durability, accuracy, and reliability as the Bersa 380 line. It’s one of the most impressive high-capacity handguns you can buy. And one of the most comfortable and fun to shoot.

  • TPRC Series

    TPRC Series

    Compact and powerful, the TPRC is perfect if you need stopping power without the bulk. And thanks to a Browning Petter barrel locking system, you’ll see reliable feeding and ejection time after time.

  • Threaded Barrel Series

    Threaded Barrel Series

    All your favorite models, now with threaded barrels!

  • Thunder XT Series

    Thunder XT Series

    This exciting model is the brainchild of experienced sport shooters. Tested under the most adverse conditions, the Bersa Thunder 9 Pro XT is the epitome of accuracy and dependability. Plus every single detail in its design is there to provide ergonomic comfort, safety and pure shooting pleasure.

  • Discontinued Models

    Discontinued Models

    Features and specs for out of production models.