Bersa FAQs

  1. What comes in the box when I purchase a new Bersa pistol?
    All firearms come with at least one magazine, an owner’s manual and safety warnings, along with a safety key and warranty information.  The Thunder 380, Thunder 380 Concealed...
  2. Why does my Bersa pistol look like it has been used, even though I just opened the sealed bag and took it from the box for the first time?
    All Bersa guns are tested in our factory before being distributed and sold. Even when they are cleaned after these tests, they may present some residue showing that they have been fired by our...
  3. Where can I go to discuss topics and ask questions about Bersa pistols?
    We recommend visiting Bersa Chat, a very well-known and populated forum for Bersa enthusiasts.
  4. How do I contact Bersa?
    Eagle Imports, Inc. is Bersa's exclusive representation in the Unites States. For of all your Bersa needs, please call us at 732-493-0333 or send us an email at Our office...
  5. Does Bersa make a stainless steel pistol?
    No, at this time, Bersa does not manufacture stainless steel pistols. Bersa engineers opted for lighter weight and make a Tenifer-treated nickel pistol.
  6. Are Bersa conversion kits available?
    No, Bersa conversion kits are not available at this time.