Firearm Feature FAQs

  1. I'm left-handed; do any Bersa pistols that offer ambidextrous features?
    Some of our firearms have ambidextrous features: the Thunder 9, 40, and 45 Ultra Compact offer an ambidextrous safety and slide release; the Thunder 9 and 40 High Capacity offer two ambidextrous...
  2. My Bersa pistol has an internal locking system, how do I know when it is locked?
    You will notice an "F" and an "S" stamped near the lock. "F" is for fire and "S" is for safe. You pistol is locked when the lock is set to safe.
  3. I have the Thunder 380 7-round pistol, can I use a 9-round or 15-round magazine?
    The Thunder 380 9-round magazine is interchangeable in the 7 round pistol. The 15 round magazine is double stacked and made only for the Thunder 380 Plus.
  4. Will carrying a concealed weapon against my skin cause the gun to rust or otherwise mar the finish?
    Yes, sweat can cause rust and other finish problems. Clean you gun regularly with a silicone cloth or lightly oiled rag. 
  5. Does Eagle sell night sights?
    The company XS has made night sights for the BP9CC and are available for sale here.
  6. Can a Thunder 9 be converted to a Thunder 40, or vice versa?
    Bersa and Eagle Imports Inc. recommend that you not try this conversion. It is a complicated process to convert your Thunder 9 to a 40 (or vice versa) and requires multiple parts and the skills of a...