TP22T4/1 - Rubber Wrap-Around Grips, Black

Thunder 380/22/32 Rubber Wrap Around Grip TP22T4/1

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  • Thunder 380/22/32 Rubber Wrap Around Grip TP22T4/1
  • Thunder 380/22/32 Rubber Wrap Around Grip TP22T4/1


Rubber Wrap-Around Grips, Black

Item SKU: TP22T4/1

Compatible with: Thunder 22/32/380, Thunder Combat, Firestorm 22/32/38

*Will NOT fit on CC or PLUS model*

**On the top left side of the grip, there is a small "v" shaped groove. This is part of the design of the grip and is not a rip.**


Weight 0.0000

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Better than perfect
Review by Gary (on 2/11/2017)
When I had these grips on my Bersa, I told my wife "This is the best gun I ever had ". A few months later I sold it for a sig then a glock. Now I'm back to "the best gun I ever had" and will put these grips on as soon as my money hits the bank. The grips also kept it from digging in to my side. That's a Big Plus. Gary
Now it's perfect
Review by Joseph (on 12/15/2016)
I thought my thunder was perfect before.......Just added the rubber wrap around grips and the 9 round mag and now this is by far my go to carry gun !!!!!
Wish they came with it but worth the $ to change out
Review by Valerie (on 9/11/2016)
I tried a used Bersa Thunder 380 with these grips added and fell in love with the weapon. I have a thing about used guns, so I bought a new one. I then came here and ordered a set of these grips, because they were so comfortable when I shot the used one. The grips arrived the day after my gun arrived, so I shot it at the range twice (about 150 rounds) with the standard grips that come on it. I have to say that, even though the standard grips are nice and the gun is just a dream to shoot as is, these grips made it even MORE comfortable and controllable! I would definitely recommend getting the wrap-around grips for the 380 and have NO second thoughts about spending $30 on them. You will LOVE this addition to your weapon!
Great for shooting and drawing/less great for concealment
Review by North Tex (on 9/9/2014)
I really like the feel of these grips when the gun is in my hand. Comfortable and a good fit. They are a rubber compound so clothing has a tendency to hang on them a bit. Not a deal breaker, but I find it necessary to pull my shirt down a little more often then with hard/smooth grips
Review by D.Gioffrè (on 4/12/2014)
My only complaint is that they don't already come with the gun. They are perfect, and make shooting my Bersa more of a pleasure than it already is. They look great with the duo tone.
This is a must have
Review by BFG (on 5/1/2013)
I read all the good reviews here and then made a purchase. Item arrived really quickly and took me like 1 minute to install. The grip is fantastic and definitely made my 380 feel secure and solid in my hand. This grip should be the standard grip for the gun like others said.
Can't believe the difference
Review by Spider (on 4/30/2013)
I always thought the feel of the Bersa's were great, that is why I own two of them, but I never imagined these grips would make that much difference but they do. Great feel and improves control of the gun. Wish they would make them for the thunder 45 UPC Pro!
love the grips
Review by spec (on 12/21/2012)
The grips and the 9 round mag are perfect. Fells great in your hand.
Grips MAKE the gun.
Review by Nitro (on 12/3/2012)
These grips sold me on the gun. It just felt like it was made for my hand. It came with my kit and they were on the gun when I first picked it up. Still have the other grips, but will probably never take these off.
rubber grips
Review by je1031 (on 7/6/2012)
Love them!!!!

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